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hella tired




Welcome to the Hella Tired Podcast. This is a place for all walks of life, and all levels of success. From local artists with 70 total plays, to World Renown artists including comedians, musicians, visual artists, etc.


Hosted by Bubba McComb, a Stand Up Comedian, Host, and Actor from Phoenix, AZ.


A "Hangout" style podcast with almost no structure, gives me the ability to open up completely to my guests... and open the opportunity to return the interest.


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Intro by Lady Quasar

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Danielle Arce

Zack Lyman

Peter Jordan

Chelsea Rideout

Savannah Hernandez

Mary Upchurch

Ashlyn Victoria

Tristan Bowling

Chum Chum

Avery Jhingree

Derek McFarland

Opus Loops

Jim Perry

Steve Byrne

Dana Whissen & Courtney Wahlsrom

Bubba McComb

Flick Chicks

Craig Shoemaker

Jorge Marroquin "DJ COOCH"

Tom & Steph Clark

Tony Tripoli

Courtney Dickerson

Brad Williams


Dela Preme & I-Dee

Angela Crawley

Jack Acid

Jane N' The Jungle


Steve Simeone


The Place To Be


Allen Carstensen "PL0X"

Aaron Trujillo

Rebecca Coss

Mike Crowe

Durs Swenson


Natalie Das

Tanner Swift

Turt Franklin & Najee Brun

Chris Garrett 


Lady Quasar & Sage Rideout